Senior Unity Programmer

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Job Location: Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA


About Us

Pure Imagination Studios started in 2012 as a diversified entertainment company built by a team of creators who shared a true passion for storytelling. We thrive on imagination, and everything we do is set to bring a tangible experience to anything our clients, partners and even ourselves, are able to imagine. We believe that pure imagination should be the fuel to our reality.


We are storytellers, dreamers, and creators of new worlds- striving to develop the future of entertainment. Join our team!


Overview and Responsibilities

Pure Imagination Studios is looking for a Sr. Unity Programmer.



  • Write clean, readable, and easily maintainable code
  • Accurately bid the amount of time and resources necessary to complete tasks.
  • Communicate technical challenges in a way that is clear and understandable to both technical and non-technical members of the development team.
  • Balance immediate development deadlines while maintaining long-term strategic goals in coordination with the project’s product design, art and engineering leads.
  • Attention to detail in all phases of development.
  • Strong time management skills, with the ability to prioritize conflicting tasks and lead both internal and external teams towards a common goal.
  • Translate design specifications into functional deliverables.
  • Must be comfortable working in a fast-paced startup environment.
  • Ability to constantly learn and stay in touch with evolving game standards and development technologies.
  • Attend team standups and adopt established team protocols and practices (e.g. set work hours, communication, management style, standup attendance etc.). 


Basic Qualifications

  • Minimum 5 years’ work experience
  • Must have worked as an employee, not purely indie devs
  • Unity and C# min 5 years’ experience
  • Minimum of 2 products shipped (e.g. Mobile/Console games, VR/AR experiences etc.)
  • Understanding of asynchronous approaches and working with fetching data from the web
  • Ability to work within coding standards and use follow documentation guidelines
  • Hardware integration
  • Located in the Los Angeles Area


Additional Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Unity build system (Cloud build and post build coding)
  • Any web development knowledge (Full Stack)
  • Experience with the Unity UI system with an understanding of building scalable UIs
  • iOS and Android store coding and management (AppStoreConnect and GooglePlayConsole)
  • Knowledge of Unity animation systems (Animators, Skeletons, IK, Cinemachine, Timeline)
  • Ability to design and create shaders (programming and ShaderGraph)
  • Knowledge of XR systems, especially if released products using it
  • Having worked with any backend systems such as Firebase, Gamesparks or PlayFab
  • Knowledge and expertise in Unreal Engine: Major plus!


Pure Imagination Studios is an equal opportunity employer (EOE).



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