Unreal VFX Generalist

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Job Location: We are hiring for this position in Rochester, NY & Brisbane, AUS (in office or remote).

About Us

Pure Imagination Studios is looking for an experienced, team-oriented, self-motivated Junior/Mid-Level Unreal Artist to join our team in Los Angeles or Rochester. This position is a temp position.

You’ll work with a lot of other skilled people in other disciplines to bring your talents to all our projects. We work in Unreal and work out of Maya. Naturally, someone who understands the fun and physics of particle systems, simulations, and animation, don’t have too much of a challenge moving between them all, but naturally, you’ve got your preferences, and we want to facilitate them to create the best experience.


  • You will be expected to create the highest quality real-time visual effects, both in appearance and performance, while adhering to the project’s artistic vision.
  • Collaborate closely with engineering, design, animation and art teams to create beautiful and believable effects that offer creative solutions to design challenges, add life to the game world, and create wow moments for the users.
  • Responsible for a variety of aspects of real-time vfx production from creation & simulation all the way through optimization and quality assurance.
  • You will work in the engine and own both the technical and creative processes.


  • 2+ years of production experience using game engines to create real-time VFX with a supporting body of work.
  • 2+ years of experience in Unity/Unreal or equivalent real-time platform.
  • Experience in using the Unity Visual Effects Graph and/or Unreal Niagra or equivalent node based real-time vfx editing tool to create creative fx with a supporting reel
  • A general understanding of animation/modeling/texturing and instancing pipelines
  • Excellent sense of scale, timing, detail, form, texture and color
  • Ability to technically deconstruct visual effects from other game and film references
  • Deadline conscious. Being able to manage and organize work to meet all of the deadlines and ability to adapt when changes need to happen
  • Ability to skip the engines and go straight to the GPU when necessary.
  • Experience in Houdini, including digital assets for Houdini Engine in Unity/Unreal/Maya

Additional Skills

  • The ability to read and write shader source code using HLSL or GLSL
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